Dakota Charms Exploding Candy BJ

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Featuring Dakota Charms!

I have always wanted to try poprocks while giving a blowjob. I put the crackling candy on my tongue and show it off before diving down on your cock. You can hear the crackles and pops as I lick the head of your cock. It's such a big dick that I have to be careful not to gag on the pop rocks!

After adding more candy, I lick your balls and work up the shaft. My spit is so sweet and I add the sweets to your penis directly. It makes you harder and you fill my mouth up even more!

On my knees, I look up at you while throwing more sugar in my mouth but I really want your cum. My tongue licks and sucks a row of candy off your dick and I stare seductively with my big green eyes. Stroking your cock, you release your load on my face and it mixes with my crackling food. Hungry for more, I lick the tip and suck you dry!

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