Penny Jean & Dakota Charms HJ

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Penny Jean and Dakota Charms sneak up on a sleeping Conor Coxxx and he's confused why they have him in a dingy dungeon. They heard that he had a bog cock and stroke it over his boxers. He doesn't fight the sexy brunettes. They are amazed at how large it is before it gets hard. Stroking it with their hands, they make it grow bigger.

Dakota uses a vibrator on his balls and kisses it while Penny fondles the large shaft. When the toy is pressed against the head of his dick, it makes him harder. The toy drops and the horny girls use both sets of hands to stroke his massive member. A twisting motion feels so good and brings him to the edge. Dakota tickles his balls while Penny bounces her tits and jerks him off.

Dakota talks dirty while stroking him because she wants to see if such a big cock gives a big load. Penny utters her first words when she asks for him to jizz on her face. Smiling she tries to lick off the cum and swallow it!

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