Making You Jealous - Dakota Charms

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I'm making this home video because I want to make you jealous. This is my new boyfriend and I have been cheating on you with this large cock. I look up at you while I tease the head of the cock and work down the shaft. You know I'm too hot for you and it was easy to cheat because your oblivious to everything.
His cock is better because your cock never gagged me before when I try to deepthroat it. Are you going to cry because your girlfriend doesn't love you anymore or are you turned on by seeing me suck another man's cock? How jealous are you? You can't look away and your dick gets hard.
Do you want to see a real man's load since you have never seen what cum should look like? There's so much more cum than you can do!
You just weren't good enough or man enough and all of your future girlfriends will cheat on you!

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