Push Help Blowjob - Dakota Charms

With Dakota Charms!

Twirling and laughing, I flash you with my flowing skirt and show off my sandals and hair bows. Uh oh. I suddenly have to go potty and put my hands between my legs before running off. Sitting on the toilet, I talk about how badly I have to go before bearing down. I just can't get it out and struggle while making cute faces and chatting.

You suggest that if I really want to get all of the stuff out of my body, I need to give you a blowjob. Nervous, because I have never done that before, you convince me. Opening my mouth wide, I take your big cock (dildo POV) and bob up in down. Gagging, it's bigger than my Popsicles and gets my mouth more slobbery than a lollipop.

Looking up, I tease and treat it like a game but it's still to big for my mouth. You surprise me with a salty surprise and there's more stuff inside you, but not me! Next time I have trouble I will do this again!

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This was a custom and if you would like your own, please email me at DakotaCharmsXXX at g m a i l dot com