About Me

What can we say about Dakota? Well she is a brat! Okay I have to admit she is cute, funny, and knows her way around a dick, but she can be a BRAT too! I mean some of her favorite fetishes are Ball Busting, Small Penis Humiliation and Giantess(and you know how that ends! Do you want to be eaten or crushed?!?!). Dakota is a huge tease and who doesn’t like a tease? Talk about addictive! She loves to play games especially if it puts you in a uncomfortable spot. Mwahahaha! This little fun-box will keep you on your toes with her mischievous allure…    

Dakota’s favorite fetishes are Small Penis Humiliation and Ball Busting! She’s an Evil Little Demon Fairy isn’t she?!?!

She loves Zebras and Unicorns. She has things in those prints ALL over her house!

Dakota also LOVES horror films!! Kinda makes sense her fetishes are Yelling and Fucking shit up now doesn’t it?!?!

Dakota’s favorite food is Mac ’N Cheese!! Probably because she loves how creamy and thick it is.

I've got something to say...

Hey guys!!!!

It's been a few months but I would like to metion that I will be TAKING OVER i Want Clips Snap Chat on Oct 12th!!!
If you love watching me on my other social media sites you will love this fun day I have planned! In celebration of being on i Want Clips Snap Chat i'm doing a 50% Off discount Oct 11-13th :-D Huge savings on any of my videos on iWantDakota.com :-D

I also just opened a iWantFanClub site also! :-D https://iwantfanclub.com/DakotaCharms

I'm super excited and hope everyone enjoys what I have planned :-)
A big thank you to DEMON SEED RADIO NETWORK for putting up with us, SPUNK LUBE for keeping us wet, PORN THE GAME for keeping it fun, and THE LOVE GLOVE for helping us clean up the mess!

I hope you were able to listen to our July 11th show. Brittany Shae (@BrittanyxShae on Twitter) visited along with a special guest, Brooke Bliss (@TheBrookeBliss on Twitter)!
We started the show with typical “girl talk,” about custom clips and glory holes. You know, just what every other girl discusses with her friends in their spare time. Brooke then shared stories from her three years in the industry (three years this month!), about people who think porn is real, and about being in a sorority when they discover you’ve done porn.

Brooke and I filmed some custom clips before the show, including SPH, foot fetish, and balloons. My mom (who doesn’t know that I’m in the industry), surprised us by stopping by just as Brooke and I were filming a clip about magically transforming our cheating boyfriend into a donkey – we changed him into a literal jackass!
I don’t know what my mom actually heard, but i was able to send her on her way without, hopefully, being any wiser about the fetish world.
We also had a mystery guest. My former sister-in-law, Pepper, joined our show and we discussed a recent trip and how one of our group couldn’t understand that Pepper just wasn’t into him.

We celebrated Brittany’s birthday on the show and she opened some of her presents. Her birthday isn’t until this weekend, guys, so there is still time to show her this month how much you appreciate her. You can send her something by going to her Twitter page (@BrittanyxShae) and following the link to her wishlist.
Brooke’s birthday is in August, so you have time to show your appreciation for her, too! The link to her wishlist is also on her Twitter Page (@TheBrookeBliss).

Our discussions went from the importance of hygiene in the industry (especially when filming with others!),
webcamming, and about benefits of vibrators vs. Tinder dating vs. a Sybian.
Tune-in to our future podcasts, because you never know what you might miss!
Hey Guys!

Guess what I did today!?! Water aerobics! I went with one of my vanilla girlfriends. It's way more intense then I thought it would be! lol Me and my friend were joking about how its a old lady class and sure enough there was older women in the class and we were the youngest with of course the most showing skin bikinis! everyone else had on one pieces, which was a good thing ;-). We ended up making it through the whole class. It was intense! We went to the locker room showers to rinse off. Keep in mind these shower curtains have a clear film you can just look at any naked woman taking a shower. Well I took off my bikini and my braids and got all washed off. turned off water. Got my towel and looked at my friend in her shower next to me. she tells me to come behind the shower curtain. I do and to my surprise..... She is on a web caming AP! She's like"i'm in private" hahaha and of course my animal in-stinks came over me and I flashed my tits, pussy and ass. I leave the shower and let her do her thing. I goto locker room take off my towel and there are 4 older woman doing the same thing. welp I tried to put my clothes on as fast as possible I could feel them staring lol. My friend came back smiling and told me while she was in the shower when I left. A woman looked through her shower curtain and saw her naughty thing she was doing! I think she should of asked her to join lol.

Well that was one thing that I wanted to share with you! :-D lol
Today I'm shooting sooooo many customs clips! :-)
I film everything.... Well pretty much everything lol. lots of fetish clips. LOOOOVE Fetish teehee:-)
I shoot every week so the turn around on custom clips is pretty fast! No more them a month to get them! :-D
I shoot in 4k and HD. Whatever size you want/need I gots you ;-) I also have amazing Lights, so you can see me perfectly! :-)
If you don't want a Clip with me in it and just one of my friends... Thats turtlely fine! I'm not offended lol! They are hot! ;-)

Here are my Custom Rates:(Per Girl)
1-2 min $20/min
3-5 min- $15/min
6-9 min- $13/min
10-20 min- $11/min
31+- $8/min

I also love shooting with my girlfriends! I have a list of my friends I shoot with under the "friends" tab on my site :-)

Check it out! Message me on the site If you have any questions or if you want to order a Custom Clip :-D
I'm about to upload sooo many adult clips on here. You will see me get fucked and have many orgasms. I'm playing catch up from AVN 2018 but I promise you will see sooooo much naughty and dirty things soon ;-)
AVN was amazing with the Brat Dolls! We got to do sooo much marketing and we met fans! It was super exciting being able to meet people that listen to the show! We have been working hard to make this Show amaze balls for you!

I love Vegas! We stayed at the Hard Rock and the room was soon cool! I was sooo lucky to have my Slave help me and the girls with everything we needed! He went beyond and over for us! Now that AVN is over we will be preparing for Fetish Con 2018! 😀 I’m soon excited! I love being around my girls and working hard to make you all happy and horny teehee! lol

currently i’m looking at my cat and lizard and wondering what else to say lol. well I guess i’ll peace out till next time! I love you guys! Thanks sooo much for being supportive! Hopefully we will continue to make you happy 😀
I just got some new DOMAINS!!! :-D

For anyone that would love to spoil me... Here is my Wish List :-D

And I also linked my Clip sites to these domains. These sites have all my fetish clips on them :-)
Here is the Introduction video to me and my friends Anabelle Pync and Brittany Shae Podcast!!!
Every Thursday, 3pmPST/6pm EST

All 3 Brat Dolls will be attending AVN & AFFLV!
@AnabellePync @BrittanyxShae @DakotaCharms

Brat Dolls Radio At AVN:(1/24 to 1/28)
We will be on air at the Coxxx Models Booth all weekend!!! Check demonseedradionetwork.com or our show page BratDollsRadio.com 🙂
We will be also signing at the Coxxx Models Booth. CoxxxModels.com

Foot Fetish Friday Party:(1/26/18)
-It’s ONLY $40 to come to our
-You can get pics with us, buy our merchandise, worship our feet, and get a Lap Dance too. (extra of course)
-Tickets: AFFLV.com
-Friday, January 26th, 5-11pm PST
-We will also auction off the panties we have been wearing all night;-)

Book Us:(1/24 to 1/28)
If you would like to book a fetish session or shoot with while we are in Vegas for AVN & AFFLV feel free to email us at BratDollsOfAtlanta@gmail.com

If you have any questions please feel free to email us. I promise we only softly bite 😉